June 2016 Please Do Not Disturb - Launch Day!

And we have lift off!

My second book, Please Do Not Disturb, is a crazy ride through a country falling apart at the seams. Dictators, hip-hoppers, drunks, whores and buffaloes – it’s spilling with colourful characters.

Inspired by the country I grew up in, Please Do Not Disturb, has a lot of Malawi and a lot of me in it.

Malawi is a magical place known as the Warm Heart of Africa, but made famous as the place where Madonna finds her children.

To celebrate the launch I’ve posted some funny photographs of my sepia family back in the sweet 80s, when we were all sunburnt by The Warm Heart of Africa.

Back when my hair was blond and my skin was brown. Back when I had a heart full of hopes, and a head full of dreams (and hair!); back when I thought it was normal to have a crocodile languishing outside the school library, its greasy eyes reflecting all the sumptuous children strolling past; back when I thought it was normal for a country to be run by one man who never held elections, or went anywhere without a hundred dancing women praising him. Back when I was a boy, in more innocent and twisted times.

Hope you enjoy the book.