In this emotional sequel to Terms & Condition, Frank strives to erase the fine print riddling his mind in the hope of achieving a more spontaneous life. In his quest for purity, Frank falls in love, moves to Thailand, and everyone lives happily ever after.*

*Not really.


The condition of life is a complicated one in which the terms are rarely made clear
A barefooted boy left his village to become a King

Terms & Conditions


- The Sun


Published by Bloomsbury in 2014 Terms & Conditions is a dark comedy about an amnesiac lawyer writing the Contract of His Life. 

Garnered critical acclaim from the Independent – ‘deliciously cynical’ – the Sun – ‘hilarious!’ – Terms & Conditions also won over authors including Gavin Extence, Paul Torday and Matt Haig - 'Funny, playful and exceptionally readable.' 





please do not disturb

"You’d have to go back to the young Paul Theroux to find a writer this savvy and sympathetic about political fallout in post-colonial Africa."

- Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times

Published by Bloomsbury in 2016, inspired by my childhood in Malawi, Please Do Not Disturb follows five very different people as they prepare for The Big Day - the only day in the year when their ailing King comes out to talk to his people.

Seattle Times called it an 'impressive work from a smart, feverish talent', and The Listener called it, 'a thought-provoking, timely and important book.'