I was born in Zambia and raised in Malawi – a country known as the Warm Heart of Africa but made famous as the place where Madonna finds her children. 

At 14 I moved from the Warm Heart of Africa to the Freezing Balls of Edinburgh – and it was there that I discovered the true meaning of the term culture shock. I quickly ditched my African accent, lost my tan, and disguised my sunny disposition in a thin layer of teenage cynicism. 

After Edinburgh I studied history at Cambridge. Then off to London where, before I had time to find a career, a career in communications found me. I was an unhappy PR man by day and an unheard of writer by night.

After too many tube rides and grey skies I decided it was time to get back to warmer climes, which I found in New Zealand, where I have lived ever since with my wife and two children. Except for 2014, when we all moved to France for a year and I divided my time unevenly between cat sitting and writing my second book. The cat survived and I finished Please Do Not Disturb which launched in June 2016. I am now back in New Zealand writing book three.